Slide Supporting the Future Science-Policy Workforce We support and provide graduate education opportunities at the intersection of science and policy, towards a vision of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future workforce

Helping shape the future of science-policy in California

Our founding legislation recognizes the importance of growing capacity at the science-policy interface and includes a mandate to support graduate education in management-relevant ocean sciences. To act on this part of our mission, we support, advocate for, and provide inclusive graduate education opportunities that strengthen the links between ocean science, educational institutions, and decision-making.

Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access values

Supporting California’s future science-policy leadership demands a focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) in the ocean sciences community. We are deeply committed to supporting pathways to advance these values in science leadership in academia and beyond. Our unique position transcending any one campus and including our close connection with state government, enable us to foster collaborative and innovative action toward a future vision in which our ocean science community is inclusive and reflective of the diversity of California.

To date, OST has hosted 13 interns and 6 graduate fellows in partnership with the following organizations, universities, and programs:

If you’re interested in an internship or fellowship with OST, please contact one of our partners about their programs.

Current and recent interns and fellows

In this role, we are committed to:

  1. Strengthening and expanding our partnerships with university departments, programs and initiatives
  2. Supporting the science-policy workforce through expanded internship opportunities and training
  3. Serving as a mentorship hub or network convenor between students, faculty and workforce development professionals
Photograph of an old steamboat in New Orleans at golden hour.

A Week at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting

OST attended Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) to track recent work across several of our project priorities and connect with our ocean science community.
Photograph of the late afternoon beach in Humboldt Bay. The sky is reflected on the wet sand, and dense trees are visible in the background. People dot the beach with their dogs, surfboards, and toys.

Policy Clinic Examines Insurance and Coastal Resilience

UC Davis graduate researchers team up with the CA Dept of Insurance and OST
Photograph of a young white woman wearing a wetsuit. She stands on a beach with gray clouds in the background.

Ocean Side Chat: Monica LeFlore

Science Officer Monica LeFlore discusses the her path to the nexus of science and policy and the joy of connection in boundary spanning.
A low wave cresting towards a distant shore. A long line of whitecaps is visible, as are dunes along the horizon.

2022 Highlights: A Landmark Year for OST

Our top highlights, initiatives, and future directions for the OST Team
A school of closely-packed sardines swim past, bathed in bright blue light

Climate-Based Flexible Fisheries Management

Researching case studies, management plans, and conducting stakeholder engagement as an OST intern.
Aerial photograph of a whale surrounded by deep water. A small spray refracts the light above it into a faint rainbow.

Ocean and Social Science

Exploring ocean policy and crafting the Indigenous Peoples and Territories Acknowledgement statement
A path leads between tall grasses towards the ocean. The sky is blue and mostly cloudless. Footprints are visible in the sandy path.

New Report on Taking Action for DEI in California's Ocean Sciences

Proceedings and Recommendations from our Roundtable Series
Photograph of muted gray-green waves crashing on a beach

In Memoriam of Dr. Kenneth Coale

Remembering Dr. Kenneth Coale, one of OST's founding board members
A young white man with dirty-blond hair leans into a large tank illuminated by a red light.

Ocean Side Chats: Kevin Travis

Science Officer Kevin Travis talks about transferable skills for a career in science policy
Photograph of a young woman making the OK gesture while SCUBA diving

Ocean Side Chats: Melissa Abderrahim

Science Officer Melissa Abderrahim talks about bringing DEI to the core of the science-policy nexus