Slide Legislative Services We provide scientific services to lawmakers in the California Legislature to help them make informed decisions about healthy oceans and coasts.

Science Services for Lawmakers

Beginning in 2021, Ocean Science Trust is expanding our role of science advice and information delivery to the legislative branch.

Protecting California’s coast and ocean from the impacts of climate change and ensuring coastal cultures and livelihoods thrive has never been about party or politics. Californians have always valued science and believed in science-based governing. Our vision for Sacramento, and California, is a lawmaking culture infused with ocean and coastal science.

Our new legislative services are designed to help California’s leaders integrate the latest scientific understanding of climate and other threats to – and opportunities surrounding – California’s coastal and ocean health. As legislative members and staffers confront the need to make tough decisions, OST is poised to support offices with rapid response information delivery on complex issues with evolving scientific understanding. We provide unbiased, trusted science insight that centers the state’s goals and is not advocacy-based.

Our services include:

  • Rapid response to science topic requests from legislative staff and members, including science summary memos and connections to experts.
  • Formal briefings, small-group briefings, and informal events on topics of interest.
  • Proactive science delivery on issues reflecting the nexus between legislative priorities, emerging science, and actively unfolding executive policy issues, including but not limited to sea level rise adaptation, microplastic pollution, aquaculture, equity in nature-based adaptation, offshore wind energy, and others.

If you are a member or staff with a question about ocean and coastal science, please contact Kiya Bibby.

Opportunities for Investment

We seek partners who share our commitment to California’s ocean environments to magnify the launch of this program. This investment will prepare California for a changing ocean and protect what makes this state special, by tapping into the exciting advancements in science right here in our own backyard.

Join us in accelerating progress to a healthy coast and ocean.