Slide Providing Science Advice to the State We provide science advice to California so our state can make better informed decisions for our coast and ocean.

Science Advisor to the Ocean Protection Council

The Ocean Science Trust serves as Science Advisor to the Ocean Protection Council. We are the only nonprofit in California dedicated solely to the State government’s vision for a healthy and productive ocean and coast. With this unique perspective, we deliver pragmatic and actionable scientific advice to OPC. 

We help the State prioritize research and monitoring investments that provide the biggest return. We identify synergies among different research projects and advise on the sequence of investments that most effectively grow applicable scientific knowledge over time. We also seek opportunities to encourage alignment of other public and private research investments with state priorities.

State of the Science Reports

In an effort to deliver timely scientific information to the state and identify emerging issues and challenges, Ocean Science Trust is developing “rapid assessment” state of the science reports on a range of topics related to OPC strategic goals.

Serving as Secretariat of the OPC Science Advisory Team

The Ocean Science Trust is the Secretariat of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC SAT). Including representatives from the University of California and California State University, the OPC SAT is an interdisciplinary team of distinguished and independent scientists created by statute to support OPC in science-based actions and decisions. 

The OPC SAT evaluates the scientific underpinnings and technical merit of state actions, translates scientific knowledge related to state priorities, provides scientific recommendations for policy and management decisions and acts as a conduit to the broader scientific community. The Ocean Science Trust Executive Director co-chairs the OPC SAT, and our team provides essential governance and day-to-day oversight functions.

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