Slide Delivering Science Advice to Policymakers We deliver pragmatic and actionable scientific advice to inform and support coordinated, multi-agency, and multi-institution ocean resource management.

Scientific Partners to the State

OST is the only nonprofit in California dedicated solely to the state’s vision for a healthy and productive ocean and coast. With this unique perspective, we provide scientific information and guidance to advance state priorities and decision-making. We help the state prioritize research investments that provide the biggest impact, and we cultivate opportunities to encourage alignment of other public and private research investments with state priorities. Through formal and informal avenues, we galvanize the scientific community in California to help answer pressing questions from state partners and evaluate the scientific underpinnings and technical merits of state actions, priorities, and policies.

Moving California Forward

We fill critical knowledge gaps on uncertain and emerging issues. We help the state gain a better understanding of these issues, and, importantly, how to tackle them. Through these activities, we facilitate the development of new state priorities to continue to keep California’s coasts and oceans healthy. Our solution-oriented approach bolsters this critical role we play for the state through fostering science as a mechanism for building paths forward.

Our services include:

  • Convening collaborative and interdisciplinary scientific teams (e.g. working groups, expert panels, review committees, task forces) to advance understanding of key emerging issues
  • Serving as the Secretariat of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC SAT), which our Executive Director chairs
  • Conducting rapid assessments of latest and best available science on a range of topics
  • Assembling and facilitating scientific peer review panels for state agencies
Cliffs and a beach on a clear day along the Mendocino coast. Dark patches of kelp are visible in the turquoise water.
Photograph of two sea otters floating among the kelp in bright blue waters
An aerial photograph of Cardiff Beach in Encinitas. A river flows out under a bridge, while a wide sandy beach curls under it and waves break beyond.
Gold-colored seaweed fronds waving against a bright blue background
Aerial photo of a rocky coast with houses overlooking the water
Aerial photograph of Point Dume, Malibu
Aerial photograph of CA Highway 101 and the coastline. Waves are visible in the water and green hills roll away to the east.
A group of sea otters float in Elkhorn Slough
Late afternoon over the beach, with a line of five gulls flying in front of some high clouds