Slide Supporting accelerated, responsible offshore wind energy development Science and monitoring investments are on track, and elevated understanding of potential environmental impacts is underpinning monitoring and evaluation program development

California’s climate action plan calls for installment of offshore wind energy by 2030. State agencies are working rapidly and under limited capacity to develop management for wind energy siting, environmental impacts, stakeholder engagement, and more. Thoughtful science investments, now, are essential to implement a strategy that effectively mitigates environmental impacts. Accelerated development of an environmental monitoring program is critical for continued learning about environmental impacts and adaptation as new infrastructure is built.

OST is engaging with legislative bill authors and relevant committees to share scientific information, to educate, and bring forward options for policy action. Looking forward, we aim to support state agencies with science research investment recommendations. In tandem, we are connecting agency representatives with new research initiatives designed to catalyze progress on industry technology innovations for environmental monitoring to ensure state management needs are met. Drawing on our deep network of experts and expertise throughout the state, we aim to support the development of a partnerships approach to monitoring data collection, and ensure that stakeholder interests and local scientific expertise are represented in an environmental monitoring and adaptive management framework.

Current and Recent Projects