Slide Stories A collection of perspectives and updates from our team highlighting the challenges and successes of fostering innovative solutions to ocean and coastal problems in today’s world.
A group of sea otters float in Elkhorn Slough

Sea Otter Reintroduction in Federal Spotlight

Congress expresses interest in assessing the feasibility of sea otter reintroduction to U.S. West
Fish swim through a murky kelp forest with shafts of sunlight coming through the water above

An OST Briefing on California's Kelp Forest

Join OST and expert panelists as they discuss the ecological role, socioeconomic importance, and future restoration strategies of our kelp forests.
Late afternoon over the beach, with a line of five gulls flying in front of some high clouds

OST Joins the UN Decade of Ocean Science

We are excited to participate in international collaboration at the ocean science-policy interface in support of the UN Sustainable Development goals.
A woman and child walk on a beach towards the ocean

Minimizing Microplastics as a New Mom

A new parent's reflections on working to address plastic pollution
View of the Sacramento Capitol Building down a street lined with trees, with a blue sky and light clouds behind the dome

Continuing to commit to antiracism

A message from the OST team on the events of January 6, 2021
Plastic debris, including water bottles, shoes, and nets on a beach

Making Progress in an Unprecedented Year

2020 was an unprecedented year, but we’re happy to finish this project and inform the state in a timely manner so they may address this emerging issue.
A seated person wearing a yellow sweater and bracelets typing on a laptop

Adventures in Accessibility

The road to improvement isn’t always smooth, but sometimes it’s funny! A small speed bump on our journey to more accessible practices
Photo of the California coastline and ocean

New Board members and new directions

As we tackle pressing issues facing our coast and ocean, we look forward to leaning on the guidance of new Board members, Dr. Nielsen and Dr. Jackson.

Ocean solutions to guide economic recovery

The OPC-SAT released a statement on the importance of marine resources to economic recovery post-COVID and environmental justice in the Blue Economy.