Slide Stories A collection of perspectives and updates from our team highlighting the challenges and successes of fostering innovative solutions to ocean and coastal problems in today’s world.
Aerial photo of a rocky coast with houses overlooking the water

Reframing Ocean-Climate Science and Solutions

We partnered with COMPASS to convene 20 leaders in ocean and climate science to discuss issues at the intersection of their collective experience.
Offshore windmills on a cloudy day, looking over the North Sea in Scotland

Ask an Expert: An OST Science Briefing on Offshore Wind in California

Join OST and expert panelists as they discuss the science & technology of offshore wind development in California.
Photo of a sign saying "Dune Restoration Area" at Morro Bay. Morro Rock stands clearly against a blue sky behind the fence and low dunes

New Project Launch: Making Living Shorelines Equitable

Delivering science guidance to ensure nature-based coastal adaptation in California benefits everyone
Aerial photograph of Point Dume, Malibu

Searching for Resilience in 2020

Reflections on leading a climate resilience working group for California’s MPA network during the height of the pandemic (and how it helped us persevere through a challenging year).
Aerial photograph of CA Highway 101 and the coastline. Waves are visible in the water and green hills roll away to the east.

New reports guide adaptive management of California's MPA network

Final reports from two parallel working groups are helping to inform MPA network evaluations and advance our understanding climate change resilience
Gloved hand holding a set of dirty plastic pack rings on a cloudy beach

Leading through Uncertainty

A scientific working group paves a path forward to address microplastic pollution
White and copper plastic bottles tangled in a net on the beach

New Report: Microplastic Pollution Risk in California

OST convened a scientific working group to develop a risk assessment framework for microplastic pollution in California
A group of sea otters float in Elkhorn Slough

Sea Otter Reintroduction in Federal Spotlight

Congress expresses interest in assessing the feasibility of sea otter reintroduction to U.S. West
Fish swim through a murky kelp forest with shafts of sunlight coming through the water above

Ask an Expert: An OST Briefing on California's Kelp Forest

Join OST and expert panelists as they discuss the ecological role, socioeconomic importance, and future restoration strategies of our kelp forests.
Late afternoon over the beach, with a line of five gulls flying in front of some high clouds

OST Joins the UN Decade of Ocean Science

We are excited to participate in international collaboration at the ocean science-policy interface in support of the UN Sustainable Development goals.
A woman and child walk on a beach towards the ocean

Minimizing Microplastics as a New Mom

A new parent's reflections on working to address plastic pollution
View of the Sacramento Capitol Building down a street lined with trees, with a blue sky and light clouds behind the dome

Continuing to commit to antiracism

A message from the OST team on the events of January 6, 2021