Photograph of the California Capitol Building from in front. The sky in the background is pale in predawn and there are trees to either side of the cupola.

State Leaders Update Founding Ocean Science Trust Legislation

Reaffirming our commitment to accelerate science-based action

By Liz Whiteman

Today we recognize California’s leadership on climate change, and celebrate the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 2287, the California Ocean Resources Stewardship Act (CORSA), that updates our founding legislation. In the first update since our creation 20 years ago, this legislation reaffirms the essential role of independent science in spurring action on critical coastal and ocean issues. We extend our gratitude to Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) for championing this legislation and his long-standing commitment to protecting California’s coastal communities and ocean resources.

“As climate change is already impacting coastal communities, economies and ocean resources, our collective need to accelerate science-based action is clear. Today, we need rapid and responsive science advice that is accessible to a wide range of regulators, policymakers and managers,” said Assemblymember Stone. “AB 2287 enables Ocean Science Trust to most effectively deliver the knowledge essential to equitable climate impact mitigation and adaptation.”

Recognizing the value of independent science and the wealth of scientific expertise in California’s public and private universities, Ocean Science Trust was created to bridge the gap between cutting-edge scientific research and sound ocean management.

The bold experiment – a nimble, non-profit organization with built-in accountability to the State – has since been proven as a model for strengthening the application of policy-relevant science in ocean and coastal decision-making. We thank Senator John Laird (D-Santa Cruz) for his leadership in a parallel investment that secures, in perpetuity, the core role of our organization on behalf of California’s coast and ocean.

“Ocean Science Trust is poised to build on two decades of impact in bringing diverse stakeholders and perspectives together around a shared scientific understanding” noted Senator Laird “On priorities including biodiversity protection and 30×30, sea-level rise preparation, offshore wind development and more, Ocean Science Trust’s long-standing partnerships with California Ocean Protection Council and many state agencies are critical to developing science-based roadmaps for pragmatic policy action.”

“AB 2287 recognizes the important role of science in the expansion of a sustainable blue economy, and the opportunity to support the next generation of science policy leaders in California. Growing an ocean science community that is reflective of the diversity of California demands a focus on equity, access and inclusion. Ocean Science Trust’s university and state partnerships are a key asset in developing a blue economy workforce,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco)

Ocean Science Trust is committed to continuing to deliver on the promise of CORSA. We thank Governor Newsom and our state partners in the executive and legislative branches for their support, and look forward to the new opportunities that AB 2287 brings.

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