Slide Bringing Science to Lawmaking We provide scientific advice to lawmakers in the California Legislature to help them make informed decisions about healthy oceans and coasts.

Legislative Science Services

Strengthening Access to Actionable Science for Lawmakers

Building on two decades of success in providing science advice to California’s government agencies, in early 2021, OST launched a new program to bring science directly to California lawmakers, expanding the impact of our work towards a healthy and productive coast and ocean.

Filling a Critical Gap

In the first year OST has established a reputation as an objective broker of science information and advice supporting representatives, committees, and their staff. We provided both proactive information delivery on issues the research community identified as critical, such as the kelp loss crisis, and engagement responsive to emerging policy priorities, such as offshore wind and blue carbon. Key to our success in building a vibrant relationship between science and lawmaking is providing policy-relevant and solution-focused advice.

Our services include:

  • Rapid response to science topic requests from legislative staff and members, including science summary memos and connections to experts.
  • Formal briefings, small-group briefings, and informal events on topics of interest.
  • Technical feedback on bill ideas
  • Proactive science delivery on issues reflecting the nexus between legislative priorities, emerging science, and actively unfolding executive policy issues.

If you are a member or staff with a question about ocean and coastal science, please contact Kevin Travis.

Learn about our Ask an Expert briefing series and other work here

Photograph of golden kelp flowing under blue water.
An elevated view of the San Pedro waterfront at sunrise.
Photograph of Bean Hollow State Beach at sunset; waves crash against rocks, and a small cliff is visible in the background.
1997 view of the Southern California Bight from the International Space Station. Image courtesy of NASA.
Photograph of the California Capitol Building from in front. The sky in the background is pale in predawn and there are trees to either side of the cupola.
2020 Aerial Of The Newly Completed, Freshly Colonizing Marsh Restoration Site Hester Marsh, Elkhorn Slough – Photo By J Haskins
An aerial view of the Sacramento Capitol Building at sunrise
Photograph of a volunteer in an orange vest cleaning an oil spill
Spots of particulate matter refract under a murky green wave
Cliffs and a large rock rise out of the shallow water of a beach at Shark Fin Cove. Late afternoon sunlight casts long shadows.

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