Kevin Travis

Sea Grant Fellow


Kevin is a 2021 California Sea Grant State Fellow at Ocean Science Trust. He is a marine scientist with an interdisciplinary background in comparative biomechanics and has a desire for integrating science into ocean management and policy decision-making.

Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa where he first developed a passion for marine/coastal science and an interest in research at the intersection of biology, engineering, and mathematics. To further develop his research, he continued his studies at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) where he obtained his Masters in biology. While at CSULB, he worked on various research projects including the locomotive biomechanics of vertebrates across the water-land transition and the mechanical properties of fish fins. As a California Sea Grant State Fellow, Kevin will apply his studies in marine science and experience with integrative projects towards the boundary realm of science and policy at OST. He plans to further pursue his interest in building strategic partnerships to foster equitable and pragmatic solutions for the complex issues facing our ocean and coastal communities.

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