Aerial photo of Morro Rock and the parking lot for Morro Bay surrounded by fog

Making Living Shorelines Equitable

Science guidance to ensure nature-based coastal adaptation in California benefits everyone

California Ocean Science Trust is launching a project focused on science informing solutions, as we seek to make coastal nature-based adaptation, specifically living shorelines, work more equitably for nature and people in California.

Living shorelines are natural coastal areas that provide coastal protection such as eelgrass beds, beaches, dune ecosystems, oyster reefs, or marshes. This green infrastructure can provide benefits including resilience to sea level rise, improving water quality, and protecting nursery habitat for fish.

OST will convene an interdisciplinary working group of experts to develop evidence-based science guidance for achieving socially equitable outcomes of living shoreline restoration projects. Working group members will represent expertise in areas such as environmental justice, equity, and community-based perspectives, along with academic fields such as social vulnerability, coastal ecology, and civil engineering. Simultaneously, OST will leverage our unique connections to the state to convene an informal advisory committee of state agency policy-makers, as well as public and private funders to ensure that the final results are actionable within California policy and funding for restoration.

This project began Spring 2021 and will be active for one year. Please check back for more details.

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