Hayley Carter

Senior Science Officer


“I am constantly challenged and excited by the diversity of projects we take on. At Ocean Science Trust, I get to wear many hats - from project manager, science integration expert, facilitator, and science communication specialist. Every day is a new opportunity to have a positive impact.”


Hayley is a creative brain applying science to develop practical solutions to ocean challenges. She is also a fisherman, kitesurfer, musician, and lover of the marine environment.

Perfect Fit

For almost 7 years, Hayley has been working at Ocean Science Trust bridging the gap between cutting edge science and ocean management in California. During her time at Ocean Science Trust, she advanced from a California Sea Grant Fellow to her current role as Senior Science Officer.

Hayley works across a range of topics, with a focus on developing solutions to ocean acidification and climate change. Hayley also oversees the work and governance of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team, and leads Ocean Science Trust’s peer review program.

One achievement she is particularly proud is her role in advancing action on ocean acidification in California, building off her graduate work at San Francisco State University – studying the biological impacts of changing ocean chemistry – and bring it full circle to effect policy change in the state.


Hayley got her feet wet in marine science while obtaining a B.S. in Biological Science at UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab where she developed an admiration for all that came with the rise and fall of the tides. She received a M.S. in Marine Biology at San Francisco State University, Romberg Tiburon Center in 2012 (Stillman lab), with a focus on environmental physiology, where she studied how ocean acidification and other stressors impact development in intertidal crustaceans, species who already live at environmental extremes.

Recent projects and publications

Developing California’s Ocean Acidification Action Plan: A partnership with the Ocean Protection Council to develop a plan to reduce impacts from Ocean Acidification

Convening the California Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Task Force: Convening an advisory body to provide scientific guidance to inform continued actions on ocean acidification and hypoxia along the West Coast

Seagrass and Kelp as an Ocean Acidification Management Tool: Coalesce current knowledge and provide technical guidance for future investment and management

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