Demetra Panos

Science Officer

After completing her 2020 CSU COAST Science Policy internship with California Ocean Science Trust, Demetra joined the OST team as a Science Officer. She is a driven marine ecologist that is not only passionate about understanding and conserving earth’s seascapes, but also about improving scientific literacy in hopes of refining the delicate connection between science and society.

Upon graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife, ecology, and conservation, Demetra sought the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the global and human dimensions of conservation and life sciences through service with the United States Peace Corps. After focusing her service on wetland conservation and restoration in a small rural Paraguayan fishing community, she returned to the US with the intention of continuing work in aquatic ecology. Demetra worked both in the management and research arenas of aquatic ecology before pursuing graduate studies. In addition to working with OST, Demetra is wrapping up her Master’s work at California State University, Northridge in Dr. Kerry Nickols’ lab. Her thesis work is focused on understanding the biogeochemical services communities provide on temperate rocky reefs. She recognizes the role of the science policy interface in working towards collaborative ocean solutions and is excited to continue in this space following her tenure at OST as a 2021 Knauss Fellow.

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