Emilia Antrim-Caldari

CSU COAST Summer Intern 2022


Emilia Antrim-Caldari is focused on nurturing creative and equitable approaches to environmental policy that support the sustainability and longevity of natural ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. Her educational journey, which has taken place inside and outside of traditional models, has led her to an internship position with OST where her two main initiatives are supporting the ongoing recruitment of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (OPC SAT) members and exploring strategic directions for OST’s programmatic work to consider and engage tribal and indigenous knowledge, as well as establishing a Land Acknowledgements.

Her childhood in Puerto Rico and later experience working directly with the most vulnerable populations on the island as an apprentice Doula and Midwife, compels her to display powerful perspectives about social and resource equity, reconciliation and consideration being key to advancing science and policy. With the driving belief that any challenge surrounding sustainability reflects a deeper social disharmony, she approaches her education and position at OST with unique cultural and social sensitivity.

Emilia is currently receiving her B.A. in Environmental Studies at CSU San Marcos.

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