Photo of the California coastline and ocean

Academic Roadshow 2019-2020

We are touring California's academic institutions with relevant ocean and coastal research

The Ocean Science Trust serves as Science Advisor to the Ocean Protection Council, in this role, we deliver programmatic and actionable scientific advice to advance the State’s vision for a healthy and productive ocean and coast. The Academic Roadshow offers a unique opportunity for OST to support the State by strengthening partnerships with the academic community in California, better understanding the current landscape of coast and ocean-related scientific research and providing a foundation for strategic science investments to accelerate progress towards state policy goals.

The Academic Roadshow aims to:

  • Identify mechanisms and opportunities for engagement with the academic community
  • Inventory the academic science research landscape in California as it pertains to coasts and oceans issues, broadening and deepening networks of connections within California’s scientific community
  • Encourage participation in addressing California’s priority ocean and coastal science needs by a broader range of academic disciplines and experts
  • Spur the development of new interdisciplinary collaborations needed to address California’s most pressing challenges relating to climate change impacts, and solutions to mitigate and adapt
  • Leverage scientific efforts across the state to ensure best available science is informing policy and management, identify critical data gaps, and use this information to inform ongoing investments in coastal and ocean research and monitoring in California

This initiative is executed in partnership with the Ocean Protection Council, California Sea Grant and USC Sea Grant, in collaboration with individual academic and research institutions and labs, and cross-campus research coordination groups.

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