Slide Illuminating policy options for ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR) research With increased scientific understanding of CDR solutions and technologies, cross-sector collaborative efforts are advancing policy development and opportunities for responsible R&D

Federal agencies are hastily responding to IPCC predictions of the need for active carbon removal from the atmosphere if we are to avert the worst impacts of global climate change. Interest and investment in developing science and technology for seaweed farming as an ocean-based CDR pathway are rapidly expanding, prompting the need to consider broader risks and costs associated with seaweed aquaculture. Simultaneously, growing private investor interest in technology-driven solutions for CDR, such as alkalinity enhancement, artificial upwelling, and other geo-chemical approaches, is highlighting the need for ethical guardrails for in-water testing and development.

OST is responding to calls to “cut through the noise” and bring objective science to the table. We are equipping California lawmakers with the latest scientific information on the potential for ocean-based CDR, including seaweed aquaculture, and convening experts to provide policy direction on a CDR research agenda for the state that can tap into opportunities for federal science investment.

Current and Recent Projects

Sunlight filters through golden kelp as shafts of white light.
Kelp rises up into a bright blue sea. Other fronds are visible in the background, as are several small fish.