Offshore windmills on a cloudy day, looking over the North Sea in Scotland

Ask an Expert: An OST Science Briefing on Offshore Wind in California

The Science and Technology of Offshore Wind Development Along the California Coast

By Kevin Travis

For our Ask an Expert briefing series, panelists Dr. Andrea Copping (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Dr. Arne Jacobson (Humboldt State University), Dr Benjamin Ruttenberg (Cal Poly State University), and moderated by Jordan Diamond (UC Berkeley) discussed the science and technology of potential offshore wind development along the California coast.

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Presented in Partnership with

The office of Assemblymember
David Chiu

California Council on Science & Technology

Why Offshore Wind?

The Biden Administration’s May 2021 announcement opening areas off California’s Coast to a lease sale auction for future offshore wind energy development have shined a spotlight on the technology as a potential renewable energy source contributing to climate goals. Initial assessment of California’s wind resource potential suggests that offshore wind could supply 16 GW of energy across sites highly suitable for development. Many questions remain about the technology of floating platforms in California waters and their potential impacts to wildlife and coastal communities. This briefing will provide a high-level overview of the state of the science and knowledge gaps related to offshore wind technology, potential, and potential impacts.

Photo courtesy Øyvind Gravås / Equinor

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