View of the Sacramento Capitol Building down a street lined with trees, with a blue sky and light clouds behind the dome

Continuing to commit to antiracism

A message from the OST team

By Emma Stone

As a violent mob stormed the US capitol on January 6, and with eyes glued to our TV and computer screens, our responses of sadness, horror, and anger poured out over our team’s email and chat messages. We shared perspectives and sought understanding by connecting with each other virtually from across Northern California.
In the following days, we were confronted with the challenge of what we could say or do. At first it was unclear if there was anything for an organization with a mission to support science-informed and evidence-based decision making to do. However, we recognize the direct line between racial injustice and the attack on our nation’s capitol, and condemn the role that white supremacy, disinformation, and inciting language has played in the insurrection.
Today we share a reaffirmation of our commitment towards dismantling institutional racism and promoting justice, equity, and inclusion in all our spheres of influence, and we stand in solidarity with other calls to protect democratic principles and institutions.

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