Sunlight filters through golden kelp as shafts of white light.

Exploring Science-Based Pathways for Advancing Multi-Benefit Seaweed Farming in California

We are engaging experts, stakeholders, and state agencies to explore opportunities to advance science-based seaweed farming in California


Following OST’s engagement with state agencies and the legislature in 2022 on The Science, Economics, and Policy Landscape for Seaweed Farming in California, the opportunities related to multibenefit aquaculture in California are rapidly advancing. With the growth of new markets and the potential of seaweed aquaculture as a climate solution, the role of science-informed discourse and coordination is increasingly needed to advance California’s regulatory and permitting landscape.

Currently, the Ocean Protection Council is engaging across agencies to develop a Statewide Aquaculture Action Plan (Action Plan) for release later in 2023, based on a set of Guiding Principles for Sustainable Marine Aquaculture in California. The Action Plan will build toward a more sustainable, equitable, and profitable aquaculture industry in California by providing direction to improve the management of existing and future aquaculture operations. The Action Plan has the potential to catalyze momentum for the advancement of seaweed farming in California, among other sustainable aquaculture uses.

To assist in identifying opportunities where new science and research, as well as existing information, can support the advancement of seaweed aquaculture, OST will convene a workshop in Fall 2023 around the science-based management of seaweed aquaculture in California. Leveraging OST’s academic connections and capacity for providing independent, management-relevant science, we will bring together scientists, seaweed farmers, other key stakeholders, and state agencies for this discussion. OST will coordinate with OPC and other key aquaculture agencies to ensure resulting recommendations are actionable and management-relevant.

This work began in April 2023 – please check back for project updates.

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