Convening grantees of the David & Lucile Packard Foundation and other ocean-climate experts to enhance collaboration and identify future research priorities

The West Coast has long provided leadership in ocean science, conservation, and management by working to understand the long-term implications of oceanic changes driven by climate change, such as ocean acidification and hypoxia. The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has been a significant driving force in the region, supporting West Coast ocean science efforts on many fronts and substantially increasing our shared understanding of the implications of climate change for the ocean. As more climate-driven challenges arise, however, there is a need for stronger coordination within ocean research to identify scientifically-sound and equitable solutions for coastal communities and society writ large.

California Ocean Science Trust, in partnership with COMPASS, will amplify the Packard Foundation’s investments in West Coast ocean science by convening Packard Foundation research grantees and additional experts who are working at the leading edge of the ocean-climate nexus along the West Coast. The assembled group will explore synergies among current projects, and identify high-priority gaps in policy-relevant research on ocean change and the West Coast. This workshop will amplify ongoing research efforts, bring cutting-edge ocean-climate science into decision-making dialogues, and inform future research questions and funding strategies.

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