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Supporting Action on Ocean Acidification

We are connecting decision-makers to new research to understand where, when, and how to act

Taking steps to advance action on ocean acidification and interacting stressors

Ocean acidification (OA) is a complex topic and one that has been a challenge for decision-makers to identify how to best approach actions and solutions. While the past decade has seen the rapid development of science-based tools and partnerships to address OA across the US West coast, resource managers still face challenges in identifying where, when, and how to act first. This work aims to build on the West coast momentum and hone in on the answers to these questions to support and accelerate actions. It will analyze and map the spatial patterns of OA and other environmental stressors and identify where organisms along the West Coast are vulnerable, identifying locations prime for action.

Supporting alignment between science and decision-making

To ensure the results of this research are most useful to end-users, Ocean Science Trust will support connecting early and often with decision-makers (policy makers, resource managers, industry, etc), designing effective engagement strategies to identify impactful and pragmatic solutions based on the scientific research conducted. As a bridge between managers, scientists and stakeholders, Ocean Science Trust is uniquely positioned to support understanding individual state needs, resources, capacity and mandates, and how this research can accelerate action on OA. With insight into the complex political – often shifting and multi-jurisdictional – landscape and structures within which marine management and policy decisions are made, we will build a network of end-users poised to uptake this research into resource management, funding allocations, and future research investments.

Launching and sustaining engagement

As an initial step, Ocean Science Trust, with support from Ana Spalding (OSU), will convene a workshop at the outset of the project to bring together researchers and decision-makers from Washington, Oregon, and California to help inform research outputs to be relevant to imminent natural resource management and policy decisions – ensuring that the research trajectory aligns with decision-maker needs. Similarly, at the culmination of the project, we will collaborate to convene a second workshop to share research findings and facilitate the uptake and use of the research outputs. Our vision for this latter meeting is that it can help identify ways that results will be used to shape and prioritize science and research investments, management decisions, and stakeholder engagement moving forward.

Now available: Welcome Workshop Agenda

The opening workshop agenda is now available here.

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