Lori Zook

Finance & Administration Director


"I love the atmosphere, people, and genuine mentorship opportunities at Ocean Science Trust. I appreciate that everybody has the opportunity to be challenged and guided to advance in their career."


Lori is a consummate dotter of “i”s, who brings order, fun, and great stories to the office. Her ultimate enjoyment derives from quality time with friends and family, music, structured creativity, well-organized paperwork, and a happy and healthy ocean.


After working in administrative management roles for many years, as well as an event staff position with Bill Graham Presents, Lori ran an opera company and co-founded a theater venue while simultaneously working at an SF project management firm specializing in cultural facilities and green building. Later, she consulted with arts organizations on development and strategic planning. All of these were opportunities to work with a cohort of dynamic individuals, and hone her ability to keep ducks in a row with a smile on her face.

Perfect Fit

Lori thrives on the details and on big-picture strategies, and is energized by the opportunity to apply both approaches in her work at the Ocean Science Trust. She is motivated by a deep and abiding love of the ocean, music, and organization: including correctly-completed forms, alphabetized spices, and a color-organized closet.

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