Dr. Liz Whiteman

Executive Director


“Every day I am inspired by, and learn from, the Ocean Science Trust team.”

Liz is the Executive Director of the California Ocean Science Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating progress towards a healthy and productive ocean future for California. Created by state legislation, OST bridges the gap between cutting-edge scientific research and sound ocean management.

Liz leads a team with science, policy and management expertise to bring diverse perspectives together and foster innovative approaches to difficult problems. OST serves as the Science Advisor to the California Ocean Protection Council and Liz co-chairs the OPC Science Advisory Team.

Liz has over a decade of experience working at the science-policy interface in California on topics ranging from marine protected areas to sea-level rise and ocean acidification. Trained as a marine ecologist in the UK, Liz also spent a decade in the Caribbean, promoting science-informed decisions for fisheries and protected area management. Liz received her PhD from the University of East Anglia.

Recent projects and publications

Marine Ecology, Special Issue: An integrated understanding of marine ecosystems: new insights from MPAs in southern California

Updating California’s Sea Level Rise GuidanceWe partnered with the Ocean Protection Council to update statewide guidance on planning for, and adapting to, higher sea levels

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