Dominique Kone

Science Officer


Dom is a Science Officer and marine ecologist who has dedicated his career to understanding and improving how we can use science to solve complex environmental issues and inform decision-making processes. By combining his scientific training with his professional experience in marine policy and conservation, Dom strives to improve the relationships between academics and decision-makers for effective marine resource management.

Prior to OST, Dom worked as a funder of conservation-focused research projects and a policy advocate for wildlife conservation and climate adaptation strategies in Washington, DC. Having previously worked on a range of topics, Dom does not consider himself an expert of any one species or ecosystem, but rather a scientist with skills in dissecting and understanding key ecological, social, and political facets of any issue. A Maine native, Dom is excited to learn about California’s unique marine environment, including the people and coastal communities that depend upon it. Dom holds a M.S. in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University, and a B.A. in Environmental Studies Science from Colby College.

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