Liz Whiteman

Director of Science & Strategy

“Every day I am inspired by, and learn from, the Ocean Science Trust team.”


A team leader who believes that science can lay a pathway toward a shared vision of a healthy ocean. She stands for the creativity and innovation that arise when we listen and respect each other.


After nearly 10 years as an academic scientist in the Caribbean, Liz jumped at the opportunity to craft a new role for science in ocean resource management. She continues to launch programs, partnerships and research that can give us all the tools needed to plan for our ocean’s future. She is motivated by Ocean Science Trust’s unique partnerships at the nexus of research, technology and local knowledge systems.

Liz currently holds an research appointment at the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California in Santa Cruz, and was appointed to the West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel in 2013. Liz earned her PhD in marine evolutionary ecology from the University of East Anglia, U.K.

Perfect Fit

Liz gets up before sunrise, just like a fisherman. She has an eye for assessing the landscape from miles away, homing in, and delivering a gourmet product.

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