Hayley Carter

Program Scientist

“I am constantly challenged and excited by the diversity of projects we take on. At Ocean Science Trust, I can be creative in how I approach each one. Science is the common thread that brings them all together.”


Hayley is a creative brain using science to seek practical solutions to issues facing our ocean. She is also a fisherman, surfer, musician, and lover of the marine environment.


Hayley got her feet wet in marine science while obtaining a B.S. in Biological Science at UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab where she developed an admiration for all that came with the rise and fall of the tides. She received a M.S. in Marine Biology at San Francisco State University, Romberg Tiburon Center in 2012 (Stillman lab), where she studied how ocean acidification and other stressors impact development in intertidal crabs. Hayley began at Ocean Science Trust as a 2013 California Sea Grant fellow hoping to make science matter.

Perfect Fit

Hayley enjoys the strong connection to the academic community and the opportunity to take science in a new direction. Ocean Science Trust allows her to wear many hats, envision what’s possible, and come up with novel ways to bring the possible to life.

Hayley leads Ocean Science Trust’s peer review program, leads the work of the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team and ocean acidification, and supports the fisheries program.

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