Anthony Rogers

Strategy Director


Anthony is an economist whose work focuses on marine resources. He is passionate about the use of science in decision-making, building a more livable world for future generations, and bad jokes.


Anthony has found himself inadvertently making a career out of being the only economist in the room. He has worked within and alongside several conservation organizations to help them better utilize economics in their policy work, and worked within and alongside government and industry to think through the benefits of better resource management. Anthony also played the role of a science funder for several years, where he strove to develop research that focused on maximizing usefulness to policy and decision-making.

Anthony has a Masters of Environmental Management, with a focus on resource economics, from Duke University, and undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Environmental Economics & Policy. His favorite ocean creature is the octopus, but his favorite subject to talk about is tuna fisheries.

Perfect Fit

Anthony prides himself on his ability to find something interesting to talk about with anyone, and actively pursues opportunities to build relationships across disciplines, organizations, and contexts. A native of the state, he is excited to use his experience in economics and science-policy thinking to help California’s oceans.

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