Assessing Physical Conditions of South Coast MPAs (Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System, Coastal Data Information Program)

Assessing Water Quality in South Coast MPAs (Southern California Bight Regional Monitoring Program)

Modeling Tools: Summary of Needs to Enhance Understanding of Ocean Acidifi cation and Hypoxia in Coastal Oceans

Fishermen’s Knowledge and Collaborations in MPA Monitoring: Lessons learned from the South Coast of California

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Monitoring Network: Tracking the Impacts of Changing Ocean Chemistry to Inform Decisions

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Research Priorities to Inform Decisions and Develop Solutions

Peer Review: Developing Successful Scientific and Technical Review Processes to Advance Science in Marine and Coastal Decision-making

Relating Future Coastal Conditions to Existing FEMA Flood Hazard Maps: Technical Methods Manual

South Coast Snapshot Report: Rocky Intertidal