We are outraged at the murder of George Floyd. We are deeply saddened that his death is just one of countless examples of Black lives ended by police brutality, and appalled that this has continued to be the de facto trend in American life for generations.

OST condemns all racist expressions, actions and policies. But we have not done enough so far and we are acknowledging that now. As individuals, as an organization, and as a society, we must confront our country’s history of racism and the racial inequality inherent in every interaction we have, and we must strive every day towards something better. 

We will take accountability more directly, not just condemning the heinous acts in our greater society, but by committing to do more. We commit to taking action to support the health, safety, and prosperity of Black Americans. We commit to using our own influence and ability to raise up Black members of our community and to amplify their voices. We commit to calling out struggles, racism, and inequalities each and every time we see them. We are having our own internal reckoning, looking back on what we have not done, and making plans for what we will do going forward. To end the long history of which George Floyd is now a part, we must act.