Melissa Kent

Science Officer


Currently a Science Officer, Melissa joined Ocean Science Trust as a 2017 California Sea Grant State Fellow. In the face of a changing climate, Melissa is committed to fostering scientific collaborations and partnerships for a healthy and productive ocean future for California.


Melissa holds a Master’s degree in Geography with a concentration in resource management and environmental planning, and a Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender studies. This interdisciplinary background has served Melissa well in understanding the complexities of the science-policy landscape in California, as she believes sound resource management and environmental policy have just as much to do with people as they do with resources.

Perfect Fit

Building from her diversity of experience, Melissa works on a range of topics at Ocean Science Trust, including climate adaptation, marine protected areas, and working with the Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team to provide California with tractable and timely scientific advice.

Recent projects and publications

Scientific Guidance for the 2022 Management Review of CA’s Marine Protected Area Network: Bringing together scientists and decision-makers to support MPA network-wide evaluation.

Scientific Guidance for Once-Through Cooling Mitigation Funds: To assist the State in developing scientific guidance to implement the Once-Through Cooling Policy

Assessing Climate Impacts on California’s CoastProviding a scientific basis to advance the State’s adaptation plans for California’s coasts and oceans

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