Jessica Kauzer

Science Officer



Jessica is a marine scientist with a passion for ocean data visualization and science communication, and a love of the natural world.

Perfect Fit

As a Science Officer at the California Ocean Science Trust, Jessica draws on her interdisciplinary background to bring people and information together to develop pragmatic, forward looking scientific guidance to accelerate progress towards a healthy ocean and coast. She works with partners to design and pilot processes for improved understanding of state policy and management research needs, and engages a wide range of scientists, resource managers and stakeholders in addressing those needs. In her role, she works on ocean issues ranging from ocean acidification to aquaculture, marine protected areas to fisheries management. Jessica enjoys working across disciplines to build relationships and bring science to action on a range of ocean issues.


Prior to her current role, Jessica was a Geospatial Research Assistant at the Center for Ocean Solutions, working to connect local decision-makers to applicable scientific advancements and spatially explicit data. Jessica received her Bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo studying marine biology and psychology, fascinated by how people interact with and understand their environment. After a stint molding young minds at the California Academy of Sciences, she returned to earn her Master’s degree in Applied Marine and Watershed Science from CSU Monterey Bay bringing together her passion for science and communications to integrate relevant marine science into policy and decision-making.

Recent Projects and Publications

Ocean Acidification Hotspots: Helping the state understand and visualize the impacts to California living marine resources

Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan Peer Review: Ensuring the best use of available information in fisheries management

Recreational Red Abalone Fishery Peer Review


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