Olivia Rhoades

Science Integration Fellow


A native of waterless Tucson, Arizona, Olivia has always been inexplicably drawn to the sea. She is a marine ecologist, a free diver, a spearfisher, a body surfer, and a swimmer, with many perspectives, energy, and optimism to engage in, learn from, and advance collaborations to better understand and manage our oceans.


Olivia has explored and conducted ecological research in marine systems ranging from the rocky shores of the San Juan Islands, to the urchin beds of the Gulf of Maine, to the coral reefs of the Galápagos archipelago, finally settling on the kelp forests of central and northern California. She recently received her PhD at the University of California Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, in which she collaborated with state, federal, and academic scientists to explore the impacts of fishing practices on the ecological roles of marine fishes. She hopes that through this fellowship, she may better understand how to communicate science to managers, and integrate her discoveries – and the discoveries of others – to improve ocean monitoring, management, and policy.

Perfect Fit

Beyond everything, Olivia seeks to know and care for the sea – the sea itself, the diversity of flora and fauna that live within or around it, and the many lives that rely upon it for their livelihood and well-being.

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