Laurel Kellner

Communications Manager

“I've been preparing for this job the last ten years of my life. I get to work for a place I love, with people who inspire me to do my best everyday.”


Laurel is a geographer with one eye on the horizon, planning for the big picture while focused on a pixel. Formerly a NOAA Coastal Fellow working on climate adaptation policy and a planner at the California Coastal Commission, she holds a Masters of Science in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University. She’s motivated by what motivates you, long swims, and curiosity.


Laurel launched into sustainability coordinating projects at National Geographic before completing her master’s work on effective policies to maintain small fishing ports in the Pacific Northwest. She holds a Bachelor’s in Geography from University of California at Berkeley, with a focus on development and the environment. At Ocean Science Trust she communicates with a team working for sound science and good governance in natural resource management.

Perfect Fit

Laurel is communicating for the ocean whether the tide is in or out. She is fluent in content strategy, branding, digital engagement and more. As a former international rugby player, she hasn’t forgotten how to tackle.


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