Eve Robinson

Science Integration Fellow


Eve is a marine scientist fluent in ecology, biomechanics, and fluid dynamics. She has prioritized working between and alongside communities, cultures, and disciplines outside of her own. She specializes in studying the ocean at small scales in order to better understand impacts at an ecosystem or community level.


Eve began asking questions about marine systems in the rocky intertidal of British Columbia. She went on to research predator-prey interactions on coral reefs in Australia and Belize, then returned to the rocky intertidal along the California coast for her PhD at the University of California Berkeley. She was most recently a post-doc at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Alongside her research career, Eve has worked with non-profit marine conservation groups that bring together science and local communities to inform management. She was previously a California Sea Grant State Fellow with the Ocean Science Trust and is excited to be working with new colleagues on the North Coast.

Perfect Fit

Eve enjoys identifying strengths and translatable expertise from different fields to find ways to build knowledge to inform management decisions.

Recent Projects and Publications

Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia: Envisioning a Future Science Landscape

North Coast State of the Region: Summary of biological, ecological, oceanographic, and socioeconomic conditions around the time of marine protected area (MPA) implementation

North Coast MPA Baseline Monitoring Symposium: Sharing key findings from baseline monitoring of marine protected areas

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