Erin Meyer

Senior Scientist


Erin is a conservation biologist, oceanographer, and naturalist who has weathered many storms in the pursuit of knowledge and partnerships. She earned her Ph.D. in marine ecology and fisheries science from the University of California Berkeley. She has conducted research at the University of Alaska Southeast and Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences, and conservation and environmental education work with Sound Salmon Solutions and Pacific Marine Research in Washington. She stands for participatory governance and improving understanding of California’s Marine Protected Areas.


Erin traveled around the world pursuing her passion. She spent seven years diving into ocean issues, studying kelp forests in Alaska, coral reefs in Bermuda, and intertidal fisheries in the Caribbean and Thailand. She also spent several years teaching the next generation why science is cool, and flinging fish carcasses and planting trees to restore Pacific Northwest rivers. Erin now hails from Oakland, where she brings her ten years of project management and partnership-building experience to bear on bridging the boundary between science and policy in pursuit of a healthy, productive coast and ocean.

Perfect Fit

Erin builds trust, integrity, and strong relationships with diverse constituents.

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